Well Hello There.

Hey. Hello. Howdy. How do you do?

It’s me. Katie. But you knew that. Or did you? Probably not, actually, so let’s make an introduction, shall we?

I’m Kathryn H. Last name? Not telling. You can call me Katie. Or Kate. Or Kathryn. Even Punifa – she’s been my alias for quite a while.

I like writing. It’s pretty awesome. It can be embarrassing sometimes, but it can be great, too. I’m trying to improve my writing – mainly by taking on projects I can actually finish.

I live in a place where cows are abundant, and thus their smell is as well. You know, I never realized how many varieties there were in cow manure stench. There’s one, the one that I used to smell all the time, that reminds me of pudding. I don’t know why. Then there’s one, a new one, that is very very terrible. It smells like sick poo. Only sick cow poo. Hence the terribleness. Some of it smells like earth, and others smell really thick… Sorry if you didn’t want to read that, but it’s staying.

I want to become a published writer someday. It’d be amazing to accomplish that. But, since that would be a very unreliable career choice, I might teach English at High School… though I spend so much time there already and know very well how terrible we teenagers can be to poor teachers.

Oh yeah. My sister is on here too. She does the artsy stuff.

Here’s her page.


See ya!


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